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Colour your Windows!

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Microsoft has produced a theme for its line of tablet PCs and the Media Center Edition 2005 of Windows. It is called Energy Blue and it looks very neat! This theme can also be installed on Windows XP but not in the ordinary way. Just double clicking on the installer will not work.

Here are the steps:

[Drive letters in this article are set to C:\ for generalization. Your files may be stored in a different location, so all you have to do is change the drive letter/source (if necessary) and the destination inthe commands.]

1. Download the file from Microsoft from here and save it to C:\Downloads.
2. Create a folder in your C:\Windows\Resources\Themes directory called Royal.
3. Enter the following command from the Run dialog box in the StartMenu: C:\Downloads\WindowsXP-TabletPC-EnergyBlueTheme-x86-ENU.exe /U/X:C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Royal. Notice the spaces in the command syntax.
4. Locate the Royal folder and in it you will find a number of files, but look out for Royal.mst (about 5.26MB) and double-click on it.
5. Your Display Properties will pop up in the Appearance tab. From the Colour Scheme drop-down list choose Royal and wait for it to load.
6. Go to the Desktop tab and browse for energybliss.jpeg in theWindows\Resources\Themes\Royal directory. Load it.
7. Click OK and load the visual style/theme.You should have Energy Blue working after this. Enjoy the look! Beautiful!

*This theme, like others, may result in slower system performance ifyour computer is not able to handle high graphics. If you do not likeit you can always revert to your regular theme in the usual way.
**You must have the Themes service running. (This is running by default in Windows XP. Only those who have disabled it must reactivate it.)


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5 December, 2004 at 1:38 AM

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