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Mid-semester break is here!

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Yes! Finally, the mid-semester break is here! It’s just for 2 days, but hey, that’s good for me any day!

The break for me started yesterday, Thursday. I am hoping that this is the longest 4-day weekend because I have a lot of homework to catch up on and I have to prepare for my mid-semester exams in Organic Chemistry and Multivariable Calculus. I’ve already finished 2: Macroeconomics and Physical Chemistry (Thermodynamics). The day that I had my thermo exam wasn’t that good. I was stressed out already from the amount of homework and studying I had to do, so I don’t think I may have scored the best that I could have.

Anyway, that is over. The past is gone. All I can do is look forward and do better. I can already see that this semester will be a tough one requiring heavy overtime and stricter time management.

As you may have noticed I have made a little upgrade to my blog. I have increased the font size. From now on this will be my new font setting. Some upgrade! 🙂



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25 February, 2005 at 2:08 PM

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