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Well, today I only had one class, but the only fun thing was the field trip I went on with the rest of the club member. Yes, C.O.B.I.T. went on a field trip to Cable Bahamas (the local broadband ISP and cable provider) for a 1 hour tour of the facility. We got to see where the servers, rackmounts and all the miles of cabling were kept and also paid a visit to the technical support room. It was quite fun and interesting (at least for me, a technology fanatic).

Did you hear that Gran Turismo 4 is now out? Yeah, it’s old news for those gamers who couldn’t wait to get it. I am thinking about buying a copy for my PS2. I already have part 1 and 3. Haven’t really made progression in either game but I still love the series.

Anyway, I just found out that I will have to attend a “Crime Prevention Seminar” at the church, which the Police Force is giving at 7:00pm. (Got to operate the sound system.)



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3 March, 2005 at 5:42 PM

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