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Let your internet connection live longer

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A lot of people have this problem. Their internet connection suddenly drops and whatever internet activity that they were doing suddenly gets logged off. A good example is when you are on instant messenger.

What’s the problem? Your internet connection has a certain amount of time to “stay alive”. This is not necessarily a problem, because Internet Service Providers use this feature so that their users do not waste their internet usage meter, like when you pay for the amount of hours for internet service. However, if you have an unlimited broadband package then you should not have to keep this feature. This is actually built into Windows and you can change it. Here’s how:

Only proceed with these instructions if you are on an UNLIMITED internet package and using Windows XP. If you run apply this tweak to your pay-by-the-hour internet package you will get an eye opener when your internet bill arrives.

*You should also back up your REGISTRY before doing this in case you make any mistakes.

1. Open Notepad and copy/paste the following text into it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


2. Save it with the extention .reg. For example, I would save it as KeepAlive.reg. Make sure that you change the ‘Save As Type’ to “All files”.

3. Now double-click on the file to merge with the registry. The settings will only take effect after restarting your computer.

If you are afraid of making any mistakes, or, you just want to give your connection a further tweak, then download SpeedGuide’s TCP Optimizer (only about 425KB) and run the program. (Site link here.) >> View Screenshot <<

In the program choose the type of connection that you have, whether it is DSL or cable, etc, and then select the Optimal button. Click ‘Apply Changes’ and restart your computer. That’s it! Your connection has been optimized for best performance! If for some reason you want to revert to your previous settings then run the program again and from the ‘File’ menu select ‘Restore Windows Default Settings’, then apply. Your original settings will be restored.



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6 March, 2005 at 8:41 PM

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