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Quick Tip – Registry Tweaking

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It’s late and I should be counting sheep right now! Just wanted to at least get an entry in for today.

Do you like editing your Windows Registry? I know it sounds kind of lame but it is the most basic form of modifying Windows from the source that runs the operating system. You do not need to use third party programs. Just fire up the registry and tweak away! Make sure you can make a backup of it before you go sticking your nose where you should not.

REMEMBER! Making the simplest mistake in the registry can have negative effects. Your system can be temporarily disabled of certain features, so make sure you know what you are doing. Registry editing is not meant for novices.

Few guides that will help you (updated regularly, even though in blog):

  1. Kelly’s Korner of Registry Tweaks (downloadable tweaks in .reg format ready to merge)
  2. WinGuides Registry Tweaks (downloadable trailware available and instructional tweaks)
  3. Tweak XP (lots of tweaks for Windows XP)
  4. The Elder Geek (not only registry tweaks, but other useful guides as well)
  5. WinXP Central (lots of good Windows customizations)

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8 March, 2005 at 1:15 AM

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