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Big mistake with Fedora!

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So I downloaded the 4 ISO images from Fedora’s FTP website, burnt them to CD and started the setup. I found the partitioning wizard a bit complicated – but I attempted the Automatic Partitioning where only free space was used for Fedora. Anyway, I got past that, but when it came to loading disc 2 it generated an error reporting that OpenOffice (a component of installation) was either corrupt or missing and so could not continue. I browsed the CD and found the RPM on it – it was there! I finally re-downloaded disc 2, erased the original CDRW and reburnt the image. But low and behold, the silly installer gave me the same error again, even after I ran an MD5 checksum test (I had to go about and learn how to do this by myself)! So I just quit the installation, booted back into Windows XP Home and completely wiped the Fedora partition! Serves it right!

I’ve not given up, however. For me Fedora is history. I have now set my eyes on Mandrake which is said to much more simpler. I had to dig deep into the site to look for the free downloadable ISOs. They are pretty keen on promoting their commercial DVD!

I have already started erasing my CDRWs in order to burn the 3 ISO images of Mandrake. May get time later to install it. Wish me luck!



Written by falcon1986

12 March, 2005 at 7:56 PM

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