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On the edge of giving up

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I have decided to dump Linux and stick with Windows. At least I am familiar with it and it isn’t very complicated to work with. I tried installing Mandrake, but the installer kept showing up errors of corrupted files and would not continue the installation. So I just booted into Windows and trashed that Linux partition! If Linux is to catch on it will have to be much simpler at the gates where you can at least get a smooth install! I still have 20GB to play around with.

I may have given up on Linux, but I’m not about to give up on the tremendous amount of schoolwork that I have. It has been bogging me down – even had an all-nighter on Saturday trying to get some assignments completed. Now my big focus is on an Economics project that is due on Thursday. I was so backed up with work that I was only able to begin yesterday. Anyway, I will try to get something together and give it my best shot. I am still lost on what I have to write about…

If I make it through until Thursday you’ll see another post. Don’t let stress get you down. Life is much more important than that. Take time to relax and give yourself a break when you know you deserve it. If your work is that important to you it makes no sense killing yourself over it now because you may not get to return to it tomorrow.



Written by falcon1986

14 March, 2005 at 8:18 PM

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