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Hope still on the horizon

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I made it to Thursday, as I was hoping for. For now the stress is off for a bit, but not non-existent. It never is for anyone!

Today, I discovered a new P2P client that claims to be very secure. Yes, it is another BitTorrent client, but this one has built-in encryption that protects its users from being tracked – something you should not even be worried about if you do not do anything illegal. AntsP2P was made by Sourceforge.net so you know that it does not contain any spyware and should work well. I may try it later. Right now I use Azureus for my BitTorrent client and I am quite satisfied with it, but I don’t like how it has to load the Java console every time and use so much system resources. I hope this client does not use much resources. This can be a problem when uploading/downloading large volumes.



Written by falcon1986

17 March, 2005 at 10:11 PM

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