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Extend your love for Firefox!

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Yes, Firefox is the best web browser in the world! Everyone knows that! But what could make it even better, as if it couldn’t get any better, are extensions. Extensions are plug-ins that give more functionality to Firefox. There are many extensions to choose from here, but there are 3 important ones that no Firefox user should be without:

1. Adblock – is used to improve the ad blocking feature of Firefox. With this handy plug-in you can just right-click on ads that may appear on a web page and choose to block it forever so that you never see it again. You can even block an entire domain of ads!

2. Tabbrowser Preferences – allows you to delve deeper into your tabbed browsing options. It even has an option for opening links as tabs in the same window – a feature that the standalone Firefox does not have!

3. Butler – is a mini add-on that improves your Google search experience through Firefox. [Make sure you follow the instructions carefully. You will have to download and install Greasemonkey into Firefox before installing Butler.] It will enable you to see results from other search engines, even eliminate all those Google ads that appear at the side of the window and much more!

Now, doesn’t browsing the internet feel a lot better?



Written by falcon1986

19 March, 2005 at 5:58 PM

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