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Gmail gives gifts on its birthday!

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Well, as if Gmail couldn’t get any better! As you know Google launched its beta free email service a year ago today. Today, as Gmail turns 1, it is giving the gift of increased storage for FREE! And guess what?! Storage capacity increases every second! If you go to the Gmail site you will see a counter that is increasing in the account capacity of each of its users. Gmail hopes to increase it to INFINITY! Can you imagine a free email service with all the space you ever need? Or won’t need, but still good to have? At this very moment mine have increased to 1600MB. Gmail is really going to take the email world by storm. I wonder what Hotmail and Yahoo Mail are going to do about this?

Anyway, this is good news for me. That means that I can store even more files in my account with my Gmail Drive.

If you want to get a free account it is still not possible to just sign up. You have to get an invitation first (still in beta). Should you want a FREE invitation, please send an email to sdbudhu[at]gmail[dot]com with a message reading “I want a free Gmail account” and the email address you want me to send the invitation to.



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1 April, 2005 at 5:18 PM

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