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Sneak peek at next-gen game consoles

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This week is E3 and right now they are showing off lots of cool stuff from the gaming world. I was watching G4TV and browsing the E3 Insider website and 2 things caught my eyes: the new XBOX 360 and the new Playstation 3!

I’ve never owned an XBOX but this thing looks stylish and powerful! I have a PS2 and the new PS3 looks even better! If you look at the specs on both machines you’ll be amazed. Now that the PS3 has the backing of nVidia, a graphics leader in the PC world, you know that these machines are going to bring the realism of gaming even closer. Just take a look at the videos from E3 – superb graphics on game samples! It’ll blow you away! I can’t wait to get my hands on these pieces of hardware and moreso the games!

The XBOX 360 is set for release later this year during the Christmas holiday, but the PS3 will be released until Spring 2006. Enjoy the cool new futuristic looks of the new XBOX and Playstation while you wait, and please, try to keep the drooling to yourself.


Written by falcon1986

18 May, 2005 at 11:05 AM

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