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Wow! There is a big gap in time between my last post and this one! Anyway, I’m not dead …as yet! I’ve just been so busy, and when I was not I just didn’t feel like blogging, but this time I hope to change that.

I have entered my second summer job. I get to do what I like best, ie. working with computers, and it’s not far from home – just a 1 minute walk! I sure do hope I get to go on vacation some time soon either to the USA or Canada, but I leave that in God’s hands.

The summer holiday is at it’s midpoint already. I’ll soon have to be registering at college again and then it’s back to the schoolwork. For the time being I’m enjoying every ounce of fun that I can get. Just recently I saw “Dark Water” and “Bewitched” which I did not think were all that good. I’ve seen better horrors and that “Bewitched” can stay with the ladies.

I’ve been watching the trailers of some other cool movies that I plan on seeing soon. You can check them out at Apple.com.



Written by falcon1986

20 July, 2005 at 5:55 PM

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