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Give XP a makeover!

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With Microsoft’s new OS on the horizon, Vista, some people seem to want to experience this new look without having to install the OS (when it finally hits retail). To tell you the truth, most PCs will have to be pretty buffed up in order to run this new OS, but you can get a feel of the new look by just installing some specially designed Vista themes on Windows XP and it’s all FREE!

screenshotThe folks at CrystalXP.net have once again created a new theme to mimic almost everything about the new Vista GUI. Their Vista Inspirat BricoPack changes the Windows shell so pefectly that you will think you are actually running Vista! Just download the program and install. I must say, unlike many other theme packs, this one does a pretty good job of applying all the icon changes and everything, and even uninstalls clean, so that all of your other Windows themes or the default Windows shell are not affected. Check out some of the screenshots and drool! It’s 100% freeware, spyware free and virus free! Get it now!

If you’re not into the new Vista look or you just like OS X better even though you have Windows, and would like to reproduce the OS X look on your XP PC, then you can read all about it at wiki.ehow.com’s article How to Pimp Your Windows XP Desktop to Look Like a Cool Mac Desktop. The instructinos are quite comprehensive and all the software that you will need is free.

Well, happy skinning! Remember that some of this may make your PC a little slower since more RAM and CPU power is needed for the fancy stuff to be… well, fancy! Have fun!



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19 September, 2005 at 10:13 AM

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