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Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0566 released!

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Microsoft recently released an updated version of their Windows Live Messenger Beta application, ie. v8.0.0566. (If you already use Live Messenger Beta you will notice that when you log in with an older version you will be prompted to update to continue.) The application is still in beta so expect some bugs.

So far the only bad thing that has happened to me is that WLM has crashed on me during a custom avatar change. An error report was generated and sent, just like the one found in Windows XP (Error Reporting).

I must say MS has toned down the eye-candy a bit in this update. No longer are there any of those colourful glassy icons nor do you get that pop-up when you hover over a contact’s name on your list. I was starting to get annoyed about that. Furthermore, the tray icon for Live Messenger is the same as that for the regular Windows Messenger and the skin has taken on a lighter tone.

Since I don’t like the many ads and useless buttons I used the A-patch to patch Windows Live Messenger (specific for version) and I like how it looks now! Cool!

* You need an invitation to use Windows Live Messenger and utilize all other Live products.



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2 March, 2006 at 3:36 PM

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