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Quick update – moving on!

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I have always been fascinated by computers and technology as a whole. I’ve finally taken a step to put my skills to good use – I’ve joined Malware Removal University to become trained in malware removal. Presently, I’m just a Freshman and I’ve been doing a lot of reading (there’s a lot of documentation to cover) before attempting an HJT test-log. I’ll be taking a slow pace so I can keep up with my college studies and be trained. Hope everything works out well! Wish me luck!

In my last post I announced the new Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0566 and some of my experiences with it. Well, after 2 days I completely removed it and downgraded to the stable v7 (latest build). The latest Live Messenger seems to have a lot of bugs that Microsoft needs to address; maybe the next version won’t be as unstable. My recommendation to you would be to stick with v7 for the time being; you can’t use an earlier build of v8 while a new build is available – that’s just how the beta programme is working now.

Have fun!



Written by falcon1986

8 March, 2006 at 5:19 PM

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