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Is your PC ready for Windows Vista?

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Microsoft’s new operating system is close to being released and it looks like it is going to at least look beautiful! I don’t know about reliability and security, although Microsoft should have by now learned what to do and what not to do from its previous operating systems like Windows XP, which is quite stable at this point (although not 100%).

If you didn’t know it already, Windows Vista (codenamed Longhorn at its inception) is Microsoft’s next Windows OS after Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. It boasts a very snazzy and graphics demanding GUI (crystal/Aero theme; transparencies; etc.) that only a handful of today’s PCs will be able to handle. To see if your PC will be able to run Windows Vista (should you decide to upgrade) you should at least run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor (beta) on the PC you plan to install the new OS on. It will give you a comprehensive (and easily understandable) outline of what your PC’s specs are and if they will be able to run Windows Vista properly. If there is an area that doesn’t satisfy the requirements, e.g. not enough RAM, the Advisor will give you some ideas of what you should do to upgrade. By the way, the 32-bit version of Windows Vista sounds like it will need a bare minimum of 512MB RAM and the 64-bit version may need as much as 2GB! Anyway, the more the better!

Should you still want to experience Vista even though you may have to haul out a lot of cash to upgrade your PC alone (not to mention the added cost of buying one of the Vista suites itself) you can wait until Vista-ready PCs reach the market. These PCs will have Vista already installed and should be compatible for the version of Vista installed on them.

As for me, I will hold out on upgrading even though my “Behemoth” passed the Advisor tests with all green flags because I’m quite satisfied with Windows XP Professional and will probably never need all of the extra eyecandy and software that comes with Vista. And please, don’t mention what it may cost when it is first released!



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7 June, 2006 at 10:06 PM

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