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Hope for LinkSys WRT54G/GS v5-v6 owners

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WRT54GIf you were one of the unfortunate ones to purchase a LinkSys WRT54G/GS v5 or v6 wireless router, I am very sorry. Yes, these new versions of the WRT54G/GS have given many persons problems and worse, there was no third-party firmware to use other than the official LinkSys firmware. However, don’t throw out the little guy as yet! There is still hope.

In an effort to continue using Linux on the WRT54G/GS routers a Jeremy Collake has developed a way of allowing v5-v6 users to install a new Broadcom bootloader (original was the VxWorks bootloader) and thereby enable installation of DD-WRT Mini (a third-party firmware for the WRT54G). The new firmware should stablize the WRT54G/GS v5 or v6, but doesn’t have all the features that the DD-WRT Full firmware has.

There are some limitations, risks and more information about this new step at reclaiming the WRT54G/GS routers with Linux. Ensure that you follow the instructions carefully and read through all of the documentation before starting such a project.



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26 June, 2006 at 7:34 PM

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