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Summer PC Reorganizing

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It’s that time of year again. Yes, I’ve finally gotten around to completely wiping the entire PC and reinstalling Windows. What triggered me to do this initially was the need to make space for some Linux OSes that I want to try out.

I was supposed to install the Linux distros on my old Compaq Presario PC, but the old geezer gave up the ghost yesterday. The CPU heatsink fan would just not spin even though the power supply was working. Strangely, I never got any BIOS beep warnings of this. Anyway, it served its time and now I’m ready to move on. Linux will just have to reside on my new system. The main purpose of my learning this new OS was just to get an Unreal Tournament 2004 Linux server running; I hear Linux is a much more efficient and reliable OS for such a server.

Right now I have 3 hard disk drives onboard. There is a 160GB SATA-150 Seagate drive, an 80GB ATA-133 Maxtor drive and another 80GB ATA-100 Seagate drive. I’ve repartitioned the entire layout:

1. 120GB for Windows XP Professional w/SP2 and programs with the other 40GB unused on the SATA-150 drive,

2. 2GB for Windows XP pagefile, 78GB for my 2 Linux OSes (to be posted about later) on the Maxtor 80GB drive,

3. 3GB for document data, 20GB for music and 57GB for general downloads.

What is the reason for the 2GB pagefile partition? Well, I’m testing it to see if having the pagefile on an unused Windows/programs disk does improve performance in Windows XP. I say that the disk is “unused” because Windows XP doesn’t recognize the Linux partitions and won’t even bother to read them; added to that I can’t be simultaneously booted into Windows and Linux.

This setup will save me a lot of time when it comes to defragmenting and the next time I wish to reformat. All I will have to do is wipe the Windows partition safely knowing that my personal data and other files are on different partitions.

Right now I’m in the process of installing all of the latest XP hotfixes, my programs and tweaking my installation for my needs. How do you partition your disks?



Written by falcon1986

15 July, 2006 at 10:35 PM

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