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Transform XP to Mac OS X today!

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If you are a long-time user of Windows and have never taken a look at the OS X GUI, then you probably should and believe me, you will be put into a trance. Yes, the Mac OS X GUI does look “purdy”, but being able to experience this fancy interface may not require you to leave the Windows environment at all!

There have been many attempts out there to mimic the OS X style GUI on Windows and I must say that many of them look good (WindowsBlinds, StyleXP, etc.). However, I’ve found one that gives you the full-blown look in one neat package all for FREE!

FlyakiteOSX is software designed to transform your 32-bit Windows XP/2003/MCE/TPCE into a OS X style environment! Everything is not perfect, but it’s quite comparible to the real thing! And what’s better, you’re still in Windows to do it!

Now know this, every skinning or flashy visual style applied in Windows will take its share of system resources, but that is the price of visual pleasure. I’ve found that much of my system resources weren’t severely subtracted that it impeded regular system activity. FlyakiteOSX does have some demanding system requirements so you should compare your current system specs to what is required before installing. Ensure that the ‘Themes’ service is set to “Automatic” in the ‘Services’ control panel so the visual styles can be applied.

Have fun with your new OS X style Windows desktop! And before you say, “Oh, shut up! Go get yourself a Mac if you want to experience this GUI!”, consider that you can do this with what you have, for FREE and can switch back to your regular Windows themes when you get sick of this intoxicating look. 😉



Written by falcon1986

14 August, 2006 at 10:40 PM

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