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It has been a while since I last posted and I am ashamed. However, I have managed to compile one post because there are quite a few things I wish to mention:


 Microsoft releases Windows Media Player 11 (Final) – Yes, your popular Windows media player is now out of beta! WMP11, other than having a snazzy black crystall-like skin, has some new features, but you will only be able to use it on Windows XP SP2 (all editions) and will come preinstalled on Windows Vista. Personally, I prefer the old WMP10 since it does not seem to be as slow as WMP11 and I can do without the online music store guides.


Firefox 2.0 is released! – Yay! The next version of your favourite browser is here! Firefox 2 has lots of improvements over its previous versions and has some new features, enough to compete with Internet Explorer 7. I have been using FF2 since it was made public and have no quirks about. However, some users said that they preferred v1.5.0.7 mainly for extension compatibility and speed.


Microsoft is releasing a whole lot of beta software and internet applications that it is hard to keep up! Anyway, following with their “Live” ideas, Microsoft recently released Windows Live Writer Beta which is essentially a blogging application that you can install on your computer, write an entry and upload it to one of many supported blogging websites! I’m doing it now with this entry. The interface is pretty straight forward, and other than the slow loading time and slight delay in keyboard input this piece of software looks like it will be a good tool.


This is not new, but Microsoft is soon to make the various editions of Windows Vista available to consumers for purchase at retailers. PC manufacturers have already obtained copies for Vista preinstalled computers. It won’t be long now until everyone can get their hands on this new Windows operating system. If you buy Windows XP from certain retailers now you can choose to have a Vista Express Upgrade, which is like a not-so-expensive upgrade to Vista that you will be provided with when the OS is made available in stores. This is a pretty good deal, but I don’t think I will be upgrading to Vista after hearing the experiences of beta testers. This baby needs a more than adequate PC with more than decent specs.


If you’re an internet junkie like me you would never have missed this. Sony recently released their new gaming console, the Playstation 3, in Japan. Folks were there all eager to get their hands on this expensive piece of technological marvel! Just looking at it is enough candy for the eyes. The PS3 will be released later in the USA and other countries, but CNET was able to post a review of this dream machine to give those who want to get one some food to sustain them until they are able. Yes, the PS3 is indeed a work of art, and, from all the hype it seems to be in good competition with the XBOX 360. I would like to get one but until those prices go down I’ll still be playing on my PC and PS2.


That’s it for now!



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14 November, 2006 at 6:10 PM

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