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Plunging into Linux…again!

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If you haven’t read my other posts on attempts to get GNU/Linux installed on my PCs you would have come to the conclusion that this guy must have given up by now. Well, you would be correct before today, because I plan on tackling the beast again. Yes, this time I’m going with OpenSUSE, a Linux distribution made available for free from Novell.

openSUSE 10.2I decided to take on Linux again after just telling myself that I could handle it even though I was accustomed to using Windows. I know it is different than Windows but there are some similarities that should allow me to get acquainted. I chose OpenSUSE in particular because I’ve been reading some articles on how it has a lot of support for laptop hardware, especially my old Toshiba Satellite 1800-S204. I first downloaded the LiveDVD and gave it a test drive, and surprisingly it ran pretty good and fast even though it was running off the DVD! I then proceeded to download the DVD ISO via BitTorrent, since I wanted to reduce as many errors as possible in my burned media. It took quite a while, and after seeding I disconnected from the network and burned the DVD.

Later this week I plan on performing the installation. I still need to back up my documents, bookmarks, etc. from Windows XP. I won’t be doing a dual-boot with XP because my hard disk is only 20GB in capacity; this is a big risk because the only way I would be able to resort to Windows is if I have the installation discs. Thankfully, I still have my Windows Recovery CDs. I would not recommend anyone doing this if they use a lot of Windows applications that are not available for Linux.

I hope this plunge into the world of Linux enables me to learn more about the OS. It may be the hard way but who ever said learning something new wasn’t going to be difficult at first? Others have done it and since I’ve got a little tech background I may just have a tad bit of a head start.

Wish me luck!


Written by falcon1986

5 February, 2007 at 9:00 AM

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