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[mini] Movie Review: Mr. Bean’s Holiday

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Mr. Bean's HolidayYes, the face of disaster has returned, but this time he is bringing a bigger bag of laughs with him! In this second (and probably the last) of the Bean movies, Rowan Atkinson plays his most famous comic role of Mr. Bean, the “slow-witted, sometimes ingenious, and generally likable buffoon” who tansports his humor to France. ‘Mr. Bean’s Holiday‘ doesn’t take place in the USA this time around, but rather in the French countryside where he encounters other characters to share in his adventure.

Unlike the first movie which I found disappointing, this one seemed to have been a great improvement in terms of bringing a little bit of the stage comedy to the big screen. I’ve heard that many did not take to this sequel as the setting was in Europe, but I feel that this move was probably the best one after realizing that this was Bean’s natural environment. If you have ever watched the Mr. Bean TV comedy series you will probably agree to this. Yes, British humor can be dry at times, but Mr. Bean keeps it simply clever enough that the entire international community can appreciate.

In this movie, Mr. Bean wins a trip to Cannes and his adventures take him throughout France where he encounters a young boy looking for his worried father and an up and coming French actress. However, getting to Cannes wouldn’t be exciting if Bean didn’t run into trouble! You can expect some good ol’ comedy infused with the modern.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit. There were some “cheesy” moments, but the funny ones compensate for them. Again, this is not an American comedy so don’t expect to experience “drop-out-of-your-seat” laughter. You’ll be giggling more at Mr. Bean’s actions rather than what he says (he doesn’t speak much anyway). Although clean enough for young children to watch, adults will probably be able to better catch those subtle and witty comical occasions. It gets a solid 6.5/10 in my book!


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4 July, 2007 at 7:39 PM

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