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[mini] Movie Review: Transformers

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What can I say?! As soon as the movie begun I was awe-struck! Although I realize most of the Transformers were computer-generated I have to admit that the movie creators did an excellent job when it came to graphics. Everything down to the last detail on the Autobots and Decepticons metallic bodies to their movements and their transformations were jaw-dropping sights to behold! I guess I was wrong in my thinking that such things could only be achieved in the animated world, but it seems as if this was no hurdle for the movie creators at all!

This movie got a pretty decent and well-deserved 8.0/10 at the IMDb. If you are a fan of the animated series or are just a die-hard robotic action junkie you’ll enjoy ‘Transformers‘. I hate to do this but not all movies are perfect; rarely do you ever come across them. Personally, I think there could have been more put into the development of the characters, especially seeing that many of the main characters (I’m talking about humans here) came together. Somehow an extra 10 minutes would have been beneficial in better intertwining these lives. However, this movie went way beyond 2 hours, which might be stretching it too much.

What is this movie about? Well, the Decepticons (evil robots) come to earth disguised as vehicles in search of an envied power source that crash-landed on Earth and was later secretly stored by the US. Eventually, the Autobots (good robots) come to Earth also disguised as vehicles and befriend a teenager who can help them find the power source before the Decepticons get to it and unleash unimaginable destruction. This destruction pales in comparison to the numerous wars that break out between the two sides; most of the movie consists of metal-bashing mêlées as humans and Autobots engage in combat against the Decepticons. Eventually, Sam Witwicky (the teenager) destroys Megatron (the power-wielding leader of the Decepticons) by overloading him with energy from the same power source everyone was looking for. It kind of leaves you thinking: why would Megatron want something that could mean his end or make him invincible? Umm… I don’t want to hurt my head worrying about that!

All in all everything else was done pretty well. There is your typical “fairytale” ending where the boy saves the world and gets the girl, but you appreciate it more when you consider that it took flesh and blood to get the job done rather than metal! On a side note, I know many car companies got some good advertising through this movie as brand logos were flashing everywhere. I wish I had one of those new concept Camaros! I wouldn’t mind if it could transform into Bumblebee either! 😀

Oh! And I too will give it an 8.0/10.


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20 July, 2007 at 8:32 PM

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