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[mini] Movie Review: Rush Hour 3

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Rush Hour 3Today, I went to see 2 movies that were back to back! I’ve only been able to pull of this feat a few times, but after all of them I had a bad headache! Surprisingly, that wasn’t the case this time. That was because I actually enjoyed them.

To tell you the truth, I am one who doesn’t really expect much when it comes to sequels, especially if there is a “part 3” involved. Things tend to be repetitious. Even though there was a similar story here in Rush Hour 3, the action and comedy that you’ve come to love from the Lee-and -Carter duo are satisfying by themselves.

Here we find our heroes in Paris trying to find the holder of the names of members belonging to “the largest underground criminal organization in the world”. Of course their investigations aren’t met without resistance from members of the criminal organization who will do anything to keep their identities a secret! It is here that we discover that one of Lee’s childhood friends is a part of this group; Lee struggles to do his job as a police investigator while at the same time still protecting his friend, Kenji. Anyway, you pretty much can guess what happens: lots of Kung-Fu action, incredible stunts and laugh-out-loud comedy. In the end our duo saves the day.

I have always liked the Rush Hour series, and part 3 was not bad at all. It had me at the edge of my seat and constantly laughing. Others who watched this movie at the same time as I would agree. I have no doubt that part 4 will be another success… if there ever is a part 4! [*crosses fingers*]

The final verdict: 7.0/10.


Written by falcon1986

21 August, 2007 at 2:40 PM

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