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[mini] Movie Review: The Invasion (2007)

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The InvasionThis was the other movie I saw on the same day I watched “Rush Hour 3“. To tell you the truth I didn’t know I would see this one until I was standing in line at the ticket booth. Surprisingly, it didn’t spark my excitement when I found out that this was the next one available.

I’ll say it up front and I hope you forgive me. The Invasion probably deserves to be a Sci-Fi feature movie instead of showing on the big screen! I can’t tell you how many times I watched the trailer on TV and was never eager to watch it. I guess that I subconsciously expected it to not be that big of a hit.

From what I’ve read this movie is one of the remakes of the book and old original movie “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. The comments made by those who have watched all of the remakes is generally the same: “it’s just okay”. I would agree; ‘The Invasion’ was not fantastic. It had the potential to be a great psychological thriller and horror, but absolutely failed at both! [Yeah, I went there!] I am rarely this critical in my reviews, but I could see some of these things coming (ever seen ’28 Days Later’) and could have generated even more imaginative ways of scaring the daylights out of my viewers. There is barely any character development, some parts are completely illogical and more suspense could have been injected in the end. Okay, I’ve cooled down now…

‘The Invasion’ was okay for just watching. Yes, there are some moments that you will feel anxious, but those moments don’t seem to carry through. The main characters are always on the run from their genetically-altered and alien-controlled pursuants. If you like movies where your heroes are constantly on the run then this movie will probably be a good one to watch. Other than that, don’t expect much more. It’s a shame because the cast consisted of some really talented actors!

I may be feeling a little generous to give it a 5.0/10. If you feel that it deserved more credit, please share this with me.


Written by falcon1986

21 August, 2007 at 11:29 PM

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