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Back to the books!

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BooksFinally, I’m back at university. The entire trip in getting here took about 3 days as I had to stop in Toronto then travel to the school by land. Actually, that was the easy part. The frustrating part came when I had to get my stuff out of storage and haul them to my dorm on campus. Everything was piled in my room in a disorganized fashion so that fueled a mild depression!

As soon as I cleared out what belonged to my sister things started to look a bit better. I won’t unpack any of the winter gear until the weather takes a plunge. Meanwhile, I have more important things to attend to: one of my professors has already assigned a lab preparation that is to be done on the first day of class! Can you believe it!? Anyway, I got the required textbooks and started reading. My credit card is still recovering from a gaping wound…

Here’s to a hopefully good week. Let’s see how I survive it!


Written by falcon1986

8 September, 2007 at 6:26 PM

Posted in University Life

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