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insect-ento.jpgOne of the courses I am taking this year is Entomology and it is a requirement that I make a collection of insects for study and submission later in the term. Yesterday, I got my gear together and went exploring in the bushes around my dorm building. The area has quite a bit of rotting wood and natural vegetation that I thought it would be a cinch to capture some bugs. However, it proved more difficult than expected.

My first capture was a large ant; no big deal! Ants are everywhere! Anyway, I kept it. I lifted some old rotting logs, dug around under trees but couldn’t find anything. It must be due to the cold weather or these bugs are more clever than I anticipated. Anyway, I went for the mass capture device: the net! After swinging it around in the bushes I found that I caught a grasshopper (who was very energetic!), a bee and a few bush spiders. I tossed out the spiders and took the other two, but I needed something else. That something else came in the form of a very hairy caterpiller which I didn’t euthanize because I didn’t have any equipment for storage. I still took him back to my room and while I pinned the other guys, the little hairy critter did a little exploration of his own around my desk! I tried to trap him on some wire surrounded by some sugar-water, but he was so keen on leaving that he was swimming to escape! I eventually let him go and got back to my pinning.

This morning I found another weird bug clinging to my room’s ceiling. I got out the net and whisked him into a jar quickly. It didn’t take long before I was performing another impalement! I really don’t know much about Canadian bugs, but I hope I can find a lot for my collection. Time does not permit me to travel to remote sites for gathering so I hope all these bugs either come to me or that there is a bountiful ecosystem just outside my dorm that I haven’t explored yet! Wish me luck!


Written by falcon1986

17 September, 2007 at 9:18 AM

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  1. People are always surprised that collecting insects is not always easy! They are everywhere when you aren’t searching for them, and when you need them… where are they hiding? Try going to lighted windows after dark at your dorm, at stores, restaurants and other places to get some more specimens. I wsih you good luck! Also, if you want to get good equipment for collecting insects, BioQuip located in California, in the USA, has very reasonable collecting supplies.


    25 October, 2009 at 5:17 PM

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