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WordPress plugin: Shutter Reloaded

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wp-20-square-button.gifToday, as I was trying to decide how to display a few digital images on another site that I co-manage, I came across this very neat WordPress plugin called Shutter Reloaded. What is it? Shutter Reloaded is simply an overlay image viewer for your website with nice effects. Why did I choose this one from among the dozens of other image plugins available? Simple. This plugin was very light-weight, fast and stylish.

There was a strong urge to use Lightbox, which I have used on non-Wordpress sites before, but from experience I know that with more eyecandy comes a decrease in responsiveness. Since the site I would be implementing this plugin on was very small I couldn’t bear to load it down for visitors!

Installation of Shutter Reloaded is quite simple. Just upload the files to the plugins directory and activate. From there you can configure how linked images appear when clicked. For the time being I haven’t used any of the advanced features, but will investigate them further. That site will require better image gallery management because it is quite laborious to have to create thumbnails and have them perfectly aligned, but for now this will do just fine.


Written by falcon1986

21 September, 2007 at 11:01 PM

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