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Looking for a notebook replacement

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sager2090.jpgI’m on the lookout for a replacement for my 6-year old Toshiba Satellite 1800-S204 laptop. Back in 2001 when I was given this as a gift I pretty much didn’t know about laptop specs and such, but I was thankful for this very useful tool. From that time on I’ve used it for almost everything; it has seen many trips and encountered lots of bumps and scratches, yet this baby is still running! The only upgrade I ever performed was to boost the RAM to 512MB and that was it. It has served me well, but it is not giving me the speed and work room that I need so I may be replacing it soon… or at least when I’m able to get money to pay for it!

I have my eye on the Sager NP2090 and with my order customizations it should come up to about $1,500.00, not bad for a notebook with a 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 2GB RAM, nVidia 8600GT graphics, 120GB SATA hard disk, a 15.4″ WSXGA matte LCD supporting 1680x1050px resolution and a 9-cell battery! You’ve probably never heard of this company, but I came across it a long time ago after learning (if my memory serves me correctly) that they supply other boutique notebook manufacturers.

I tried to get similar hardware customizations through Dell and they’re more expensive, surprisingly! Because I do a lot of graphics work in Photoshop and the occasional gaming, this setup would serve me perfectly. It has much to be desired in the “looks department”, but functionality and cost are more important to me. An Alienware would have been good but that would run me bankrupt!

When I am actually able to get this new notebook will depend on a lot of things. Right now I know that my parents are paying an arm and a leg just for my university tuition, which I couldn’t be more grateful to God for! As with everything in life we must have patience and know that if something is meant to be it will come through; if not, you’re probably better off without it.


Written by falcon1986

27 September, 2007 at 8:12 PM

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