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My brain is about to explode!

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This weekend is supposed to be Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada when students travel home to be with their families and spend time enjoying the Thanksgiving dinner. Well, unfortunately for me, there won’t be any travelling as I am swamped with having to study for tests, doing required reading and completing assignments.

As soon as classes resume on Tuesday I will be greeted by a Biochemistry test that probably one of the most intimidating tests I have ever had to prepare for! It’s loaded with detailed chemical reactions from anaerobic glycolysis, the citric acid cycle… I can’t even remember what else, but there’s more! I only started studying on Friday last and it’s already Sunday – I haven’t even reached half way. Anyway, I hope to cram as much as I can and do my best when the time comes.

Sleeping is probably the only means by which I can escape having to worry about schoolwork. At least there I can imagine a life without all this stress! Don’t get me wrong; stress can be good especially if it makes you sharper in the academic setting. But my biggest stress is the worry that I am not absorbing the material very well. I wish there was a way you could just listen to recorded lecture notes while you sleep and learn at the same time; maybe the subconscious could learn when at rest and be able to transfer to the conscious when awake.

That’s probably wishful thinking! I better get back to studying. Happy thanksgiving to all!


Written by falcon1986

7 October, 2007 at 8:06 PM

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