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It came from the sky!

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winter.jpgWhen I got up today and looked out through my window, I was greeted by a sight that I was not expecting for a while. Rooftops and vegetation were covered in light snow – just enough for a white blanket! The night before I did notice very mild precipitation, but I was expecting everything to be melted by morning. The temperature must have dropped a few degrees below zero!

That did not really stop me or anyone else, although it required a few extra minutes of getting properly dressed so that no extremities were left exposed for freezing! One lesson I must remember, however: when walking on grass with a surface layer of ice, take care not to make long strides especially when transitioning to an unfrozen surface! You will definitely slide and probably injure yourself. The latter did not happen to me, but I did get a “pre-winter” reminder when my threaded and rubberized boots gave way and, for about 3 seconds, my heart skipped several beats!

Interestingly, much of the snow has already melted already. However, looking at the skies, I am not sure there will be sunshine for a while. The drab grey overcasts can be very depressing, but I guess that comes with the season.

I hope to get some good R&R over the weekend and definitely be productive in assignment completion. I have come to expect a multitude of assignments every week. Will it ever end? I do not think it will; it is just a part of the life of a student…


Written by falcon1986

9 November, 2007 at 5:22 PM

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