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[mini] Movie Review – Resident Evil Extinction

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re-extinction-movie.jpgMovies based on video games have always intrigued me. You may ask why, since the majority of them always fail to deliver, but my interest lies in how film-makers are able to adapt video game content into a good film. To be honest, I have never played Resident Evil and don’t think I ever will. However, some game content does get into the movie, as I have heard, with a bit more focus on a storyline. Resident Evil Extinction is the final installment of the Resident Evil trilogy and, although I am a bit sad that it has come to an end, I believe it has pretty much run out of steam deserves the finale.

Resident Evil Extinction does not pick up directly after the chopper crash of part 2 (Resident Evil Apocalypse), but zooms ahead several months ahead when almost the entire earth has been reduced to wastelands infested with flesh-hungry zombies. The few that have survived have formed a small militia that traverse the dangerous country in search of uninfected survivors. Alice (Milla Jovovich) returns as the main character, but she has grown much stronger and even possesses telekinetic powers as a result of successful T-virus integration into her genome. Using these powers, she is able to rescue this team and even meets up with old friends Carlos (Oded Fehr) and LJ (Mike Epps). Unfortunately, the Umbrella Corporation’s lead scientist, Dr. Isaacs, is at their heels to obtain a possible T-virus cure from Alice’s blood, but has his own motives.

You can probably guess where this all leads. Lots of zombie fighting scenes and blood splattering everywhere! This is definitely not something for kids although there are much more worse things! Ultimately, the team is reduced to just a few children and adults who escape for Alaska while Alice battles the undead and Dr. Isaacs, who has turned himself into a more conscious form of the Nemesis.

I can go on but after reading all of the slamming reviews, you will probably be dissuaded from watching it. Many who have intimately followed the game’s storyline were quite disappointed and I too share in that disappointment even though I have never played the game. In comparison to prequels RE3:E did not seem to possess a lot of energy and excitement. Even I could tell that the this one was a bit low-cost in production, character dialog and development was stiff and weak respectively, and a lot of scenes seem to have been torn from other movies of the same genre. Telekinetic powers looked great, but it made Alice look too invincible. And what was up with those clones?!

This “mini” review is getting a bit too long and I do not like having to recall my disappointment. Watch the movie and you can decide for yourself. I will give it a 5.8/10 at most.


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15 November, 2007 at 4:26 PM

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