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[mini] Movie Review – Sweeney Todd

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sweeneytodd.jpgToday, I was feeling board and this movie caught my attention. I am no fan of musicals – actually I try to stay away from them as if they are a deadly disease! However, when I saw Johnny Depp as one of the characters, I had to see how this change of role would turn out.

If you have only ever seen Johnny Depp as that drunken, cunning and selfish pirate from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, you will find that Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is quite a change for him. Not only is he an angry and psychopathic barber that slashes the throats of customers, but he is a singing one! Honestly, I had my doubts about Depp singing, but it actually turned out not to be half-bad.

If you like plays like these that take on an opera style, then you will probably like this movie. I heard that the original play was very successful and even though this is a film version, it seems to have done the original justice.

This movie falls into the genre of horror. There is indeed a lot of blood, which can get graphic when spilt. Set in gothic London Todd returns to avenge the kidnapping of his daughter after being wrongfully imprisoned. He meets up with Mrs. Lovett who helps him set up a barber shop, the sole purpose of which is for Todd to slash his customers and use their minced flesh in making and selling meat pies. Of course, Todd’s ultimate victim is the corrupt judge that took his wife and daughter in the first place. It so happens that Todd’s young sailer friend has fallen in love with Todd’s now-grown daughter and wants to free her from the tyrannical control of the judge. Things soon get out of control when Todd’s has to kill all those who have either found out his true identity or are a threat to revealing his sinister actions. Let’s just say that his last kill is the one he regrets because it is to one he loves. Surprisingly, a little boy is the one to kill Todd with his own razor after he uncovers the whole sick plot!

This movie was quite good. I could have done without the singing, but I did like when humor was part of the singing. I will have to give it a 7/10. You can read about other viewer opinions over at the IMDb.


Written by falcon1986

25 January, 2008 at 7:12 PM

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