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Free antivirus software

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Antivirus software is probably one of many pieces of software that no Windows PC should not be without. It should be the first application you install if your PC is connected to the internet or encounters a lot of removable storage media. Protect your personal files from being destroyed by installing an anitivirus application today if you do not already have one running!

In my quest to find free and open-source software, I came across a few free antivirus software:

The only one that I have used is avast! Antivirus Home Edition and can say from experience that it works great! It keeps itself updated daily and is excellent at capturing threats before they cause damage. Furthermore, since it is quite small, there is quite a negligible performance hit. “Free” does not mean inferior; as a matter of fact, some of these free alternatives perform as good or even better than some commercial versions. If you do choose to buy your antivirus instead, read the reviews for the ones that have been found to be pretty good.

As usual, never have more than one antivirus running simultaneously as they will conflict with one another. Supplementing your regular scans with free online scans also never hurts.


Written by falcon1986

2 February, 2008 at 5:41 PM

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