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OpenDNS – a more secure, fast and reliable DNS service

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I have been using OpenDNS for quite some time now ever since I came across it while browsing the internet. Setup is quite easy: just manually change your DNS IPs at your PC’s network card or your router and you are ready to go! For more customizations and control you can sign up for a free account – there are many features available for activation. Watch episode 223 of DL.TV to get a quick taste!

I have to say that after manually setting my DNS information, webpages felt like they were loading faster even though I’m using a slow laptop. I was quite surprised at how reliable this free service was. At first I did not think that changing your DNS server could help speed up web browsing, but after reading the “How it works” article, I got a fairly good idea of what was really happening.

Head on over to OpenDNS.com and take it for a test drive. It may or may not be better than what you have now, but it does not hurt to try. Furthermore, it is absolutely FREE and easy to set up!


Written by falcon1986

8 April, 2008 at 11:43 AM

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