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Firefox’s Find and Quick Find

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Did you know that Mozilla Firefox has two page search features built in? Well, you probably know about ‘Find’, accessible by pressing CTRL+F which launches a small bar at the bottom of the window for you to input text. You probably do not know what ‘Quick Find’ does even though you may have been introduced to it before on an occasion when it annoyed the life out of you! Yes, the ‘Quick Find’ feature, accessible by just pressing the ‘ or apostrophe key launches in the same way as ‘Find’, but does something different.

You probably encountered ‘Quick Find’ while typing somewhere while in Firefox and suddenly saw that none of your input text was showing up on screen. After closing the ‘Quick Find’ bar you probably continued to type only to be annoyed once again by this bar reappearing at the bottom of your browser window. First of all, ‘Quick Find’ does have a useful function (believe it or not), one which has not been highlighted in Firefox’s feature-set or documentation. ‘Quick Find’ searches URLs, whereas ‘Find’ searches browser page text. ‘Quick Find’ can be used to search page text if you press the / key. Try it out for yourself.

This just goes to show you how some things that we may find annoying may actually have some usefulness. I have been searching around for a way to disable ‘Quick Find’ in the latest version of Firefox ( and found this plugin. It worked perfectly! Just install it and restart Firefox. ‘Quick Find’ is immediately disabled so there are no setting changes that you need to make. Yay!


Written by falcon1986

16 April, 2008 at 7:02 PM

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