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[mini] Movie Review – Iron Man (2008)

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Wow! This movie blew me away! From viewing the trailers over at Apple.com I was not expecting anything less, but only after watching it on the big screen did Iron Man impress me even further!

‘Iron Man’ is one Marvel Comics superhero I have never followed, but considering this was based on the work of Stan Lee I was expecting a good-quality film on par with Spiderman and the others. There was a good storyline and plot to work with and the characters were absolutely amazing at being believable, especially Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. His rough, witty and genius character seems second-nature to him.

Now ‘Iron Man’ is mainly an action/adventure futuristic fantasy film, which many may not appreciate from the get-go. The movie definitely makes use of a lot of artificial computer-based effects and, believe it or not, is pretty well done! Aside from the visual eye candy you will find that this movie has elements of light enjoyable comedy and awesome stunts.

What drew me into ‘Iron Man’ was the story of a weapons corporation tycoon who experiences a life-changing event in the Middle East where he learns that the same weapons Stark Industries is manufacturing is being used by terrorists to kill innocent people. Tony’s response to this is to build the Iron Man which he uses to fight injustice and the corrupt company members. I will not go into more details on the synopsis because you should experience the movie for yourself. By the way, do not leave immediately after the closing credits; there is a short teaser clip that suggests the plot of the sequel! Yes, there will be a sequel!

In closing I would give ‘Iron Man’ an 8/10. It is definitely worth being added to my DVD collection. I could not imagine how breath-taking it would look and sound on BluRay.


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3 May, 2008 at 7:26 PM

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