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Behind the DoS attacks on Revision3

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I did not notice this piece of news until today, when it showed up on Slashdot. Actually, I am a member of the Revision3 forums and watch some of their shows occasionally, as I followed many of the personalities since the TechTV/G4 days. Up to yesterday I was visiting Tekzilla and did not notice anything until now. The Revision3 website does feel a bit slow-loading today, but this may be due to increased hits brought about by this piece of news. You know what happens when stuff gets on Digg!

Jim Louderback made a blog post telling of the Denial of Service (DoS) attack that crippled their servers over the Memorial Day weekend. It’s a long read, but he goes into a lot of detail and explains technical terms associated with the attack, which makes it very-easily understood. Apparently, the culprit was MediaDefender, who, if you ask me, seemed to have been engaging in some very shady activity for a company that is supposed to be big on anti-piracy.

I will not go into much more detail because the blog post does this better. Check it out for yourself.


Written by falcon1986

29 May, 2008 at 6:41 PM

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