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Spring is here and I can’t enjoy it

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ladybirdTechnically speaking, spring is still one day away, but right now, it sure does feel like it’s here! The snow has finally melted, the skies are bright blue and clear, and the sun is shining brilliantly. It is only a matter of time before the greenery starts returning to the flora. Yes, all these nice things to enjoy, but I can’t enjoy them fully because I am too busy.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted here in a while. There is a good reason which you have probably heard before. I am swamped with more than my fair share of university work so most of my free time is spent trying to catch up on a few hours of sleep before either tiring away at my own assignments or my part-time job on campus. Added to that, this is my 4th and final year at university so the pressure is on to make a better-than-usual impression in my final marks before graduation day. I have still not made an appointment to take my graduation photos because, quite frankly, my current state won’t be very photogenic. I have lost so many hours of sleep that I feel like a zombie and, my hair is overdue for a cutting. I really do not want to remember the stress of this time 10-15 years from now when I take out the ol’ photo album.

You may have noticed that I changed the site template. I like the minimalistic approach to this theme which also happens to put more focus on blog content. My next move may be to reorganize those pages or remove some altogether. Have to get back to work now… Will get up to date with my posts later.


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19 March, 2009 at 10:46 PM

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