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Configure avast! Antivirus to update behind a proxy

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One of the problems I ran into when I moved to another university was the awkward way in which internet access was provided for the students. Instead of having routers in each dorm room that connected onto a high-speed fiber connection as I was accustomed to, I had to be satisfied with inconsistent WiFi. Anyway, this post is not meant to complain about unreliable internet access. On rare occasions you may find that your internet provider requires that you connect through their proxy server with a username and password in order to surf freely. This presents no problem for your web browser once the settings are configured, but what about all those other applications such as your antivirus software that require a constantly active connection in order to download and install definition updates?

Some antivirus applications have a problem calling home through proxies. This can spell trouble for you because, without the necessary virus definitions, your antivirus has no way of protecting your computer from the latest threats that may slip through questionable web surfing habits. I noticed here at my university that the proxy inconvenience seems to also coincide with the number of infected personal computers. Scary! Anyway, here is a brief walkthrough on how to configure avast! Antivirus to connect through a proxy server.

  1. Make sure that settings for an active proxy server are configured through Internet Explorer.
    Internet Explorer LAN Proxy Settings

    Internet Explorer LAN Proxy Settings

  2. Right-click on the avast! Antivirus icon in the system tray and select Program Settings from the menu.
    avast! Antivirus right-click menu

    avast! Antivirus right-click menu

  3. In the Settings panel, choose Update (Basic) from the menu and click the Proxy button.
    avast! Antivirus Settings

    avast! Antivirus Settings

  4. Activate ‘Auto detect (use Internet Explorer settings)‘ and select OK to apply the changes until you exit the Settings panel.
    avast! Antivirus Proxy Settings

    avast! Antivirus Proxy Settings

That’s it! You’re done! Not difficult at all. avast! Antivirus should now be able to get updates manually or automatically without hindrance. Don’t let some silly proxy server stop you from defending your computer.


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29 November, 2009 at 4:26 PM

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  1. hey this is what i was looking for..
    Thanks a ton 🙂

    Proxy Website

    3 December, 2009 at 8:36 AM

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