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Paragon Software – Free hard disk tools and limited-time GIVEAWAY!

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Hard DiskA while back, I posted an article on some free tools that you can use to create hard disk images. Well, although that article only generated a couple comments in feedback, I was most surprised when a representative from Paragon Software Group sent an e-mail to inform me of the solutions their company offers. To be honest, I have only come across Paragon through software recommendations in tech support forums, but was perhaps a bit absent-minded to not include their applications in the list. From what I have heard, their products come highly recommended. As a matter of fact, in addition to having commercial products, they also give away a couple of free tools.

Paragon Backup and Recovery Free Edition is a feature-rich application that comes at no cost to you! You can perform scheduled complete or differential backups, save to bootable external media for later recovery and a whole lot more. If you are paranoid about losing your data or just prefer to be proactive when it comes to preserving your important files, then you should definitely give Paragon Backup and Recovery Free Edition a try. While browsing their website, it is worth checking out the other free tools that are available such as Partition Manager Free Edition, Rescue Kit Express and CDROM Emulator. ExtBrowser looks interesting if you want to access Ext2/3-formatted Linux partitions from Windows, but note that Ext4 does not seem to be supported.

Limited-time Giveaway

Well, it looks like there might be another piece of free software that will show up on the list. Unfortunately, however, this software will only be freely available for a limited time. From Friday, January 29th until Sunday, January 31st, 2010, Paragon will be giving away their Backup and Recovery Compact Edition for free! This program, which normally sells for US$39.95, offers a number of professional recovery tools and is a good alternative to the Backup and Recovery Suite if you only require the basic features. Ensure that you revisit Paragon’s freeware page during the giveaway in order to grab your copy of Backup and Recovery Compact Edition and start securing your valuable data.


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28 January, 2010 at 11:08 PM

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