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Where has Falcon1986 been?

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Hello there! I can’t believe that my last entry on this blog was 2 years ago! If you’ve been wondering why I disappeared, then here is a brief update. In 2013, I was in my final year of medical school and preparing for the horror known to many in the Caribbean (and elsewhere) as the M.B.B.S. final exams. Preparation was brutal and the exam itself was even more brutal, especially the practical component. By July of 2014 I was smiling with many of my other classmates, however, as we graduated successfully. We naively thought that we had made it. Anyway, that was the start of the “real work”, as internship proved to be another arduous journey in itself.

But this story isn’t all about the struggles of becoming a physician in this day and age. What I left out is probably the most important bit: While in medical school I met my best friend and now wife. We got married just 2 months ago on the beautiful island of Jamaica where her family is from and went on a wonderful honeymoon via cruise to Mexico. Since we returned to The Bahamas we have taken up positions as senior house officers at the local hospital.

The reason I mentioned all of this is to show you that my offline life has been quite busy, but I’m still a tech enthusiast at heart. Hopefully now that things have settled down a little, I will make time to update this blog more often. Sorry about not responding to comments; that should change going forward.


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23 August, 2015 at 7:47 AM

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