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Combine and minify Javascript, reduce number of HTTP requests

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Combine JavascriptDo you remember when I posted about combining stylesheets in order to reduce the number of HTTP requests? Well, a similar thing is possible with external Javascript files, which can improve website loading speed for your visitors. Here, I will relate my experience in achieving this. As you might expect, I have utilized this technique within WordPress, but you can apply it elsewhere.

If you are concerned about website loading speed, you have probably come across Y!Slow, Firebug and many of the other web developer tools out there that assist users in diagnosing which components of their web pages are cause for slowdowns. The very first recommendation at the top of Yahoo!’s Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Website is to reduce the number of HTTP requests for your visitors. It does not matter how good the content might be on a page; if it takes too long to load you are going to lose visitors who have already struck the ‘BACK’ button after waiting 10 seconds!

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11 January, 2010 at 1:51 AM

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Remove unwanted WordPress header elements

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WordPress LogoI was performing a bit of optimization on one of my WordPress blogs and wanted to clean up the header. The default installation of WordPress adds quite a bit up there and this bloat can be compounded by a theme’s own customizations. After quite a bit of searching around Google, I came up with a clean solution. Here is what I did to help de-clutter my theme’s header.
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15 July, 2009 at 10:25 AM